Before and After

A smile makeover was achieved in this patient by lengthening the teeth with periodontal plastic surgery and veneers.

This 38 year old woman suffered from missing teeth and tooth decay associated with her poor general health. Her smile was reconstructed using a combination of gum and bone surgery and a dental implant supported bridge.

Unhappy with the spaces between her teeth and the color of her teeth, this 58 year old patient's smile was rehabilitated using dental implants and veneers.

This 52 year old man neglected his dental health for many years due to concerns about pain from dental treatment. His new smile was achieved using dental implants in just a few visits.

This 74 year old woman fell and broke her front teeth. Her smile was restored using corrective periodontal procedures and new crowns.

Tooth sensitivity due to severe gum recession was corrected in this 29 year old woman using periodontal grafting and her teeth were whitened. She was delighted to have her recession corrected and her teeth whitened.